Balemaster Balers

Balemaster 6 wire Auto-tie


Balemaster Balers are popular in the recycling industry. The open end auto-tie balers are more economically to run and are faster than the 2 Ram style balers. Balemaster makes a 6 wire tie baler specially designed for mill weight bales in plastic.

Balemaster 5 wire Auto-tie


Balemaster Balers baling OCC with bale weights up to over 2,000 lbs. With the large feed opening, and high volume of material they can handle, these fast and efficient balers are excellent for Recycling Centers and Warehouse/Distribution Centers.

Balemaster trim baler


Balemaster Balers are popular in the Printing and Box industry. There are numerous sizes to handle any application. If you are baling light trim waste Balemaster has a 6” main cylinder machine for you. If you are baling heavy board stock that is slippery, Balemaster has a 10” main cylinder baler that will handle it.   We have the solutions for your trim handling problems.

Balemaster Closed Door Trim Baler


Balemaster Closed Door Manual Tie baler that is very popular in smaller recycling centers and printing applications. This baler can bale newsprint, magazines, without a conditioner. It also bales plastic..

Balemaster Manual Tie Baler


Balemaster Baler Closed door manual tie baler with a 42”X60” feed opening, very popular with Distribution Centers, recycling centers and haulers that need to bale their cardboard, but do not have the volume to justify an auto-tie and the Vertical Baler is to labor intensive.

Balemaster Warehouse Auto-tie Baler


Balemaster Baler 4 wire tie, low profile auto-tie baler with large feed opening designed for Warehouse/Distribution Centers.