Material Recovery Facilities


Sort Line in proctor MN

Hartel Disposal started with a simple sort line in grew to add Hustler news sorter, with another infeed conveyor and metering equipment.


Green Circle Recycling

Green Circle Recycling installed their sort line with a 5’ Steel Belt infeed conveyor with a metering drum, feeding a presort line to pull off contaminates and OCC. The presort line feeds a Ballistic separator that sorts the paper from the commingle material. The 2” minus material falls through to a conveyor feeding a glass cleanup system. The paper goes to a conveyor for cleanup then drops into a baler. The commingled material goes across a sort line to have the plastic, Aluminum and metal separated.


RiverView Recycling

River View Recycling installed a 6 bunker sort line to handle the recycling needs in their rural location.