Trim Removal


Trim Removal Systems

KVA Engineering’s trim collection systems are designed with efficiency and economy in mind. From traditional above roof cyclone separators to high volume, low-profile, under the roof trim separators, we  have solutions.



If you have large volumes of scrap or recyclable material and you need it shredded to handle it, KVA has solutions. KVA is a distributor for BloApCo shredders that can handle Cores, sheet waste, Pallets. Visit to view the shredder that best fits your application, or give us a call and we can meet with you and discuss solutions to your problems.


Trim Cutters

Problems with continuous edge trim? Continuous edge trim plugging your trim system? Remove edge trim from production lines while maximizing up-time by eliminating edge trim blockages. Trim Cutters cut continuous material into small pieces that move with ease to a collection area such as a baler or compactor, and are ideal wherever one or more edge trims are conveyed through the same duct. BloApCo trim cutters are a solution to the problem.


Briquetting Dust

Handling large amounts of dust can be a problem. KVA can install a Briquetter to handle your volume of dust. By Briquetting your dust, it becomes a solid without the possibility of explosion. Depending on the material, the briquettes can be recycled, or used for fuel.


Abort Gates

The KVA abort gate meets NFPA 664 and NFPA 654. The high speed abort gate is typically installed downstream of the dust collection system in the return air duct going back into the plant.  The unit has a blade, which during normal operation, is held in place by a DC electro magnet.  The absence of power to the abort gate will cause the magnet to release and the blade to drop, sealing the air stream and diverting the air flow to the atmosphere through the top of the abort gate.  In addition to gravity, the abort blade is assisted by shaft mount springs providing for high speed closure.  The operation of the blade will react within a 1/2 second (500 milliseconds). With the strict new rules from NFPA 652 that all plants must comply with by September 2018.


Balemaster Balers

Balemaster's E-Series balers offer an ideal combination of accessories to meet your unique waste and recycling requirements. The "E" Series is the flagship of the Balemaster auto-tie baler line. "E" Series balers are ideal for mid-size to large printers, corrugated box and cardboard box plants, folding carton facilities, paper converters, envelope plants, non-woven converters, paper mills, recyclers processing aluminum cans or plastic bottles, and numerous other industrial applications.